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The book will contain the right and left hand pages (from our previous scorebook editions) for every College and NFL team. Also included are: NFL standings (2012-2017), Pre-Monday Night and Monday Night worksheet, coaching records, college bowls, schedules for all teams and much more. 354 Pgs. Spiral-bound 2018

Jim Campbell

As a consistent subscriber to NorthCoast sports over the past years with regard to the Power Sweep and the NFL / College Scoreboards, I must say that I am VERY disappointed in the latest edition of the the Scorebook.

I just spent $46.45 on the 2014 combined edition of the "College and NFL" Scorebook and received the copy in the mail today, upon reviewing the scorebook I am totally dismayed and disappointed at the scorebook as a whole!!!

Virtually everything in the scorebook, with regard to the information contained, I could find quite easily on the internet, I purchased the scorebook thinking that it would be helpful and save me handicapping research time....boy was I wrong!!

The previous NFL Scorebook sections of old are especially butchered in this supposed new and improved combined "College and NFL" Scorebook in that gone are the week to week schedules of games to be played with trends to help you look ahead and help with record keeping, now you only get team by team schedules, gone are the NFL playoff trends, gone are Phil's projections of NFL seasonal team wins, and gone are Phil's top 20 NFL team angles.

The new and supposedly improved "College and NFL" Scorebook is flat out terrible, I can truly understand the reasoning behind having a combined edition as print media is under severe attack from on the online community and with that in mind combining the NFL and College editions of the Scorebook is a good idea as a cost cutting measure, however, the simpleton in charge of the information contained in the new Scorebook should be fired for their sheer lack of insight into what the everyday handicapper is wanting and what made the individual College and NFL scorebooks successful in times past!!

Needless to say, this will undoubtably be the very last scorebook purchase that I will ever make from NorthCoastSports, what a shame as I really loved the work that was poured into past editions!!

Take care and be well

Jim Campbell
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