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Steve Selbrede

Subtitled " The Biggest Mistakes Made by Low-Stakes, Live-Action No-Limit Hold'em Players", “Beat the Donks” is a book about the lowest stakes No-Limit Hold’em cash games played in Las Vegas. These games are filled with “Donks” that are easy to beat as long as you can recognize and exploit their mistakes. This book defines a Donk as an experienced player who makes the same mistakes over and over again, unwilling to adapt. This stubbornness makes the Donk very predictable and, therefore, easy to beat. This book discusses some of the biggest mistakes the Donks make, including: playing too many hands, playing out of position, limping too much, calling too many preflop raises, chasing draws, poor bet sizing and paying off with the worse hand. The book also discusses some of the most exploitable tells made by these Donks. This is not a poker how-to cookbook. It assumes the reader is already familiar with No-Limit Hold’em and much of the poker jargon that goes with it. It does not teach you how to play basic NLH. Instead, it aims to refine your game by pointing out how you can exploit the various major weaknesses common to the typical Vegas Donk-fest poker games. This book has 54 hand examples from the Red Rock Poker Room in Las Vegas and 22 figures. 192 Pgs. 2013

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