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Cynthia Publishing
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Improve your results without changing your handicapping one bit. The power to turn your favorite pastime into a handsome-paying hobby or even a profession is already in your grasp. You just don't know it. And the reason you don't know it is that you're too busy trying to tinker with your handicapping without paying even the scarcest attention to your betting strategy and money management. How many times have you heard it said or even said it yourself: "I'd do a lot better if I only knew how to bet and manage my money."? Well, the practical solution to that dilemma is here. Get ready to do a lot better. We're proud to introduce The Betting Analyst Supreme Express, our newly upgraded record-keeping and performance-analysis software. It gives you the wherewithal to turn the drudgery and tedium traditionally associated with record-keeping and performance analysis into a fun-filled, revealing and ultimately profitable quest toward improving your bottom line at the racetrack. And it does it without bruising your ego. Cash in on the subtle personal biases that affect your performance. All of it made incredibly simple....and easier. Don't sleep on it - get the answers instantly, improve your results dramatically, at a price that's far from dramatic. Runs on Windows, MacOS X and Linux. Minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600 required. Connection to the Internet and HDW subscription required for the Lookup function.

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