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Daniel Bailey
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'Blackjack Freedom' is a simplified counting and betting system that enables anyone to master card counting forever, gain a worthwhile edge over the casinos, and if they so choose, turn that skill into a very lucrative vocation with more freedom and benefits than almost any job in the world. After years of being unable to fully master all of the required mental calculations and count-dependent strategy and bet variations required by Hi-Lo and other systems, Bailey sat down with the intent of somehow simplifying existing methods of counting, devoting specific attention to the True Count, or count per deck. What he developed is not effortless; the technique still requires memorization of what to do and how much to bet given a certain count and deck penetration. What it does most effectively is eliminate the difficult mental calculations required to arrive at the True Count, which will enable you to more easily and accurately vary your strategy and bet amounts. No knowledge of higher math is required. If you can count forward or backward one number at a time and have an average memory then you can master card counting once and for all, realize your dream of becoming a professional blackjack player, and enjoy all of the freedom that comes with it. Instead of many chapters and appendices full of formulas, charts, and tables already written and rewritten by dozens of authors, he will provide you with the simple mathematical explanation of what the technique is, how it works, and how to use it. He will show you how to count cards accurately with substantially less effort than that required by other systems. 48 Pgs. 2010

  • Card Counting
  • Blackjack Freedom
  • Strategy Variation
  • Drawing & Standing
  • Doublling Down
  • Splitting
  • Insurance
  • Surrender
  • Practices for Success
  • Pre-play
  • During Play
  • Post-play
  • 3x5 Strategy Card Sides 1 & 2
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