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Bob Dancer
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Dancer has been in Las Vegas over a decade. His book should provide beginners, serious players, dedicated players, tournament players and anyone even thinking of playing these addictive, sometimes lucrative machines with more angles, strategies, and stories about those who win or lose (and why) than any book published in recent years. 265 Pgs. 2002

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: The Ins and Outs of Video Poker
    • The Easy Part of Video Poker
    • The Hard Part of Video Poker
    • How Good am I?
    • How Much in This Book is true?
    • What You Need to KNow About Video Poker to Understand this Book
  • Part 2:From Backgammon to Big Vegas
    • Lessons From the Cavendish West
    • What I learned from Playing Blackjack
    • Blackjack Partner Ginnie Woo
    • Scouting for Stanford
    • Vegas World Revisited
    • Playing at the Sahara in 1994
    • I Meet Knowledgeable Man
    • Vacation Village in My Early Days
    • My First Play for Dollars
    • Letting Them Do The Math
    • How Are Your Flushes Running Today?
    • I Learn HOw Comps Add Value
    • My Ship Has Come In
    • Players React to the Rio
    • Finding a Backer
    • Loose Deuces at the Frontier
    • Courting Shirly on a Budget
    • A Second Woman Enters the Picture
    • Reducing the Outflow
    • Big Time at Ballys
    • Living on the Dark Side
    • Trying to Go to the Bahamas
    • Teaching Shirley to Play
    • Royal Coupon Adventure at the Casino Royale
    • Shirly Doesn't Always See it My Way
    • Invitational Giveaways
    • Invitiational Slot Tournaments
    • Triple Play- Being in the Right Place at the Right Time
    • At the Orleans with the Dailys
    • The Care and Feeding of Slot Hosts - Part 1
    • The Care and Feeding of Slot Hosts - Part 2
    • Common Questions and Uncommon Answers
  • Part 3: Bob Dancer, Inc
    • I meet Jeffrey Compton
    • Writing my Reports
    • Consulting for the Casinos
    • Liam W. Daily - Master Strategist
    • Dean Zamzow - An Important Ally
    • Teaching Video Poker
  • Part 4: My Million-Dollar Six Months 
    • The Dancers at the MGM Grand
    • Shirley's White-Knuckle Ride
    • There's Luxury, and There's Luxury
    • Still the Best Deal in Town
    • Playing On
    • NSU Deuces at the MGM
    • Double Holiday Gift Shoppe Points
    • Taking the Occasional Potshot
    • Big-Time Potshots
    • Bonanza at the Holiday Gift Shoppe
    • The First Forty Days and Forty Nights of 2001
    • Our Biggest Night Ever
    • Knowing the End is Near
    • Facing the Inevitable
    • The Venetian Dances to its Own Drummer
    • Let's Be Fair
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