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James H. Haskell

This book is the result of countless hours of simulating video poker play online at, researching what others have written about video poker, analyzing the data I collected, and writing about the results and my observations. I was surprised to discover that there didn’t seem to be much written to guide players in discovering new games and the nuances that make them unique and appealing. There are many books, articles, and other materials available on video poker that primarily discuss winning strategies, probabilities, and give recommendations on what to do when dealt certain hands. There is nothing wrong with that but it’s been done many times over. The goal of this book is to guide readers through what can be an intimidating array of games and variations to discover those that might be of particular interest. In addition, I’ll pass along a few tips that I feel have improved my results. Today’s video poker experience can range from exciting big hand hits with large payouts to near-misses and frustrating losses. It’s these extremes that keep me coming back. You won’t win every day – it’s gambling. My hope in writing this book is to share the passion I’ve found from experiencing something new and different. Use this book to learn more about the modern world of video poker games and the excitement they offer. Hopefully my experience will help you identify games you’ll enjoy and have an enjoyable experience. If you are out to make a fortune you are likely to be disappointed. If you are out to have a good time, to stir an adrenaline rush, and possibly leave with “house money” give video poker and this book a try. I don’t expect most readers to read this book from cover to cover. Instead, I feel it can best be used as a reference as you venture out to play video poker or as a tool to build confidence before you begin live play. Take it with you to browse on the plane or in your hotel room. Take it to the beach or pool to review games you’ve never tried and want to or those you are unfamiliar with. Have it at home as you explore online games at For all readers, use this book as a reference in case you run into new games and want to read about them before trying. Go to, sign up for a free account, and try out some of these games without having to risk any money. If a game you are interested in is not one of the 35 described in this book, go to I’ll bet you’ll find it there. Try before you buy and have fun doing so. 169 Pgs. 2020

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