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Colin Magee
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The past decade has seen a technological revolution in facilities for betting on horseracing and other sports. From the proliferation of online information to the advent of betting exchanges, it is now possible to analyze form and betting odds; run selection systems; place bets and track results electronically. Today, the leading betting exchange, Betfair, matches 15 times as many daily transactions as the London Stock Exchange. Crucially, the availability of programmatic access to exchange markets via an application programming interface (API), enables the final piece in reliable automation of the entire betting process. Automatic Exchange Betting examines each stage of the betting process and shows how it can be automated, with numerous examples applied to horseracing, all implemented using the Betfair API. Betting strategies, best practice and pitfalls are presented which illustrate the concepts of betting automation, together with practical, re-useable code examples written in open source software to work with Betfair's Free Access API. The book shows how automating betting strategies not only saves time, but introduces an entirely new paradigm for betting. A combination of speed of execution, consistency, and scalability means hitherto impossible betting strategies become feasible, and methodical approaches to betting can be implemented without manual intervention. Indexed 359 Pgs. 2011

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