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Arthur "Babe" Cranfield and Laurence S. May
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Techniques and guidance for everyone provided by a world champion and hall of fame pool player. As Arthur Babe Cranfield states in his introduction, Anyone can learn to play pool well. . . . Pool is beautiful and democratic that way. Anyone can apply his or her strengths to the game and excel since the game requires so many different types of skills. There is room in billiards and pool for those blessed with excellent hand-eye coordination, those with very little coordination but strong intellect, those who are systematic but not creative, and those who are creative but not systematic. Whatever your style, skills, and strengths, 'Basic Pool' has something to teach you. From basics like choosing a table and selecting a cue to advanced techniques like manipulating the ball using English, Draw, and Follow, 'Basic Pool' has all you need to improve your game and increase the enjoyment you take from it. Other topics include: The mechanics of pool, Perfecting your aim using Babes famous arrow system, Cue ball control, Maintaining proper concentration, Standard rules of the most popular games,affective practice techniques, and many more! Babe takes the mystery out of playing well, providing encouraging and easy-to-follow instructions for every aspect of the game. Photographs Indexed 210 Pgs. 2011

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