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Casino Management

Nobody has more casino management books than we do! From serving cocktails to customer service, you'll find it here, including Casino Customer Service ($19.95), Principles of Casino Marketing ($89), Operating a Professional Poker Room ($39.95), How to Deal with Difficult Customers ($22.95), and oh yes, How to Become Casino Cocktail Waitress ($19.95).

Become an Advantage Player

Read the boos casino's don't want you to read. Learn how to be a card counter, detect and evade casino surveillance and the different ways cards are marked.

GBC has just the book to guide your career in casino management. From accounting to customer service; from designing a casino to federal gaming law and from marketing to pit management , it's all here.

Casino Software and DVDs

Casinos make billions of dollars every year - someone has to manage the money. These books examine topics ranging from fraud, credit and collections to tracking the flow of money.


Thinking of a becoming a casino cocktail waitress? Perhaps dealing blackjack? Or a dream job working in the sports book managing the media and doing marketing? Many books or DVD's to choose from.

Casino Management Training DVDs and Software

Casinos are rife with people trying to cheat them out of money at every turn. Whether they're a poker cheat or a professional short-change artist, learn how to get the edge in detecting and dealing with them.

Casino Operations books on Accounting/Financial, Game Protection, Gaming Law & Policy,  Hospitality and Careers, Indian Gaming, Management/Casino Operations, Marketing and more.

Topics range from internal theft to short change artists to cheating in various forms.

Careers in Casino Customer Service

Customer Service; Cultures: Do's, Taboos and Etiquette; Guest Services; Difficult Customers and Player Development. Develop real world skills using our advanced text books used by actual casino properties to train their employees and managers.

Learn Casino Dealing and Procedures

Explains rules, procedures, equipment, handling cards and chips, payoff methods, cheating (both from inside and outside sources), and responsibilities.

Dealing, Rules, and Lingo

Learn how to deal poker, blackjack, craps, and baccarat using the same text books used in dealer courses all over the world