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Patrick Austin
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In this revised and updated edition of his bestselling book 'Winning Money', Patrick Austin expands on and adds to his already proven strategies that can be used in casinos worldwide and for online betting and gambling. Now, you too can share in the secrets that "Cracked the Roulette Wheel". How many times in a row can you flip a quarter and make it go heads? Maybe four or five? This is a very difficult task because in reality, a streak of four or five heads in row just does not occur very often. Simply put, Patrick's systems capitalize upon the probabilities of long streaks, just like flipping a quarter. In 'Cracking the Roulette Wheel', Patrick will show you the exact steps you need to play these systems including: How to methodically generate potential profits in excess of $200 per hour, The amount of money suggested to use, The proper and disciplined betting sequences and when to jump in on a streak, How many hours you will want to play to maximize your profits and lower your risks and How to take advantage of all of the complimentary services that casinos offer "high rollers." These are not traditional, basic betting sequences that have been tried and failed for decades nor a "Get Rich Quick Scheme" but rather a scientific, methodical approach to success. Patrick's systems are based on statistics and numbers, and are the key reasons why his systems work. 142 pgs. 2010

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Mr. CPA & His Early Beginnings
  • The Single Table System
  • The Hedge System
  • Lights!!
  • Variations
  • Comps
  • Travel & Accomondations
  • The Fundamentals & Statistics
  • Complimentary Examples
  • Reference Cards
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