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Claude Halcombe
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This book was researched for several years, and the author claims he wins at least seven out of 10 trips to Las Vegas on slot machines. He says he attributes his skills to his ability to concentrate on slots with which he is familiar keeping to a fixed daily stake. Also, he limits his casino visits. He doesn’t guarantee the book will help anyone hit a big jackpot, but he says "you can and will win more and lose less" when you follow the advice in the book. 157 pages, paperbound. 1996.


Table of Contents

  • Objectives of This Book
  • Why Is your Money Wet?
  • Huge POol but Slim Pickings
  • The Odds Are Always Against You
  • Players Lose - Workers Win
  • Attitude and Affordabliity
  • The Fundamentals of Winning
  • Setting Your Personal Goals
  • What Casino? Which Slots?
  • Beware of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: Look-Alikes Are Not All Alike
  • The Keys to Winland - and the Padlocks That Keep You Out
  • Introducing the Work Plans
  • Work Plan One: The Green Plan (Capital Preservation Strategy)
  • Work Plan Two: The Silver Plan (Low-Moderate Loss/Gain Strategy)
  • Work Plan Three: The Gold Plan (Elevated Risk/High Gain Strategy)
  • Work Plan Four: The Emerald Plan (High Risk/High Gain Strategy)
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